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Kleenex® Premiere Folded Towels

Make wasted paper towels a thing of the past with premium Kleenex® Scottfold Paper Towels. Their unique fold is designed for true one-at-a-time dispensing, every time. They reduce tabbing, tearing and multiple dispensing, which results in less waste – always good for your business’ bottom line. Plus, they unfold as they dispense, so your guests will know they’re big enough to get the drying job done – with just one commercial paper towel. Kleenex® Scottfold Bulk Paper Towels feature superior Absorbency Pockets with fast-drying ridges for excellent absorbency and performance. These smartly designed paper towels fit with most universal folded towel dispensers. They are an excellent value, with a guarantee to be cost neutral (versus C-fold towels). Kleenex® Scottfold towels are a smart, first-class choice for your business!

  • 120 Sheets/Pack, 25 Kleenex® Scottfold™ Multifold Paper Towel Packs/Case, 3,000 Packs/Case; with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets™; White
  • Premium Kleenex® Scottfold paper towels feature a patented fold that creates 2-ply thickness and eliminates tearing and tabbing, so your guests and employees will waste less
  • The white paper disposable hand towels feature exclusive Absorbency Pockets for better absorbency
  • Hygienic, touchless dispensing with most universal folded towel dispensers: only touch the drying towel you use; each towel measures 9.4” x 12.4” (unfolded)
  • The Kleenex® Brand guarantees these multifold paper towels will be cost-neutral (vs. C-fold towels)

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