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Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Universal Folded Towel Dispenser

When you need a sleek, modern paper towel dispenser, the black (Smoke) Universal Folded Towel Dispenser from Kimberly-Clark Professional™ is a great choice. It has elegant styling and a durable, translucent plastic frame, so you can see when a refill is needed. It is designed to work with both Multifold paper towels and C fold paper towels by the respected Kleenex® and Scott®Brands, so you can choose the product that best works for you. There are no adaptors or inserts needed and the manual dispenser has no moving parts or batteries to change. When properly installed (and when using recommended paper towels), this dispenser meets the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. When you are ready to simplify maintenance with a high-capacity folded paper towel dispenser, this is a great choice.

  • 1 Dispenser/Case; Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Universal Folded Towel Dispenser; Smoke (Black); 13.31" x 18.85" x 5.85"
  • Dispenser dimensions: 13.3" x 5.9" x 18.9"
  • Manual dispensing of multi fold paper towels and cfold paper towels (sometimes called trifold paper towels)
  • It's simple: no adaptors, inserts or batteries needed
  • The dispenser is ADA compliant when installed properly and when using recommended paper towels

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