Kotex Launches Campaign to promote Period Positivity

April 20, 2023

On International Women’s Day, 2023 (March 8th), Kotex launched an initiative to end Period Stigma in Trinidad and Tobago. For this campaign, Kotex collaborated with influential women to challenge the negative social perception around menstruation and menstrual health that drives negative gendered stereotypes. The faces of the campaign, DJ Charlotte (Professional DJ), Yia Loren Gomez (former Beauty Queen and Media Figure), Laura Narain (Marketing Professional), Virmala ‘Shala’ Balkaran (Radio Personality) and Chef Brigette Joseph (Regional Culinary Consultant), spread the message of period positivity and access to menstrual education.

A key component of this campaign is the cconversation around Period Poverty, and improving the access to menstrual care products and education. Kotex has committed to being part of the solution and recently collaborated with Massy store to support their initiative.

In addition to addressing Period Poverty, Kotex’s campaign focuses on transforming the narrative around periods from being a taboo and “unclean,” to a phenomenon that is normal and natural for about half of the world’s population. It takes into account that these taboos and assumptions drive social perception of women and menstruation, associating periods as something shameful that ultimately provides barriers to women’s confidence and success.

For more information on how Kotex’s campaign commits to Period Positivity, check out this article.

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