Kotex collaborates with Massy Stores to fight Period Poverty on International Women’s Day

April 20, 2023

Kotex and Bryden pi commemorated International Women’s Day 2023 by committing donations of menstrual care products in the effort against period poverty. The initiative, headed by Massy Stores Limited, sought to provide FIVE (5) local women-centered Non-Governmental Organizations with the donations toward their causes.

Kotex donated over 1,300 packs of menstrual pads towards St. Jude’s Home for Girls, The Shelter, I am Laventille Foundation, Goshen Home and Feminitt, alongside other local distributors through Massy Stores’ dedicated effort. Period poverty refers to the lack of access to menstrual care supplies, menstrual and reproductive health education, hygiene facilities and/or waste management due to social, economic and other factors. It is estimated that 500 million people worldwide are affected by Period Poverty.

This collaboration follows the launch of Kotex’s Period Positivity campaign, which seeks to eliminate the negative stigma around menstruation and menstrual health. Kotex has collaborated with five key influential women in Trinidad and Tobago to address the taboos, gendered stereotypes and change the narrative about Menstruation. An intrinsic part of this campaign is ensuring access to period supplies and addressing period poverty through donations and collaboration. For more information on this campaign, check out this article.

Kotex and Bryden pi are proud to have been part of this partnership and are committed to impacting change in the local community, looking forward to future initiatives where they can educate and donate. Eradicating period poverty results in more empowered women and girls, inspired and confident to take on the world, aligning with the vision that Kotex embodies.

For further information on this partnership, check out this article.

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