Cervical Health Awareness Month Dyette's Feel the Teal -5k

March 6, 2023

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month represented by the color teal. This nation-wide initiative aims to increase awareness about cervical cancer, HPV, and the importance of early detection. 

In January 2023 The Ayana S. Dyette Foundation (ASDF) held their annual “Feel the Teal” 5K event, in which Bryden pi participated through the attendance of 24 employees and 8 of their family and friends. The 5K took place at the Queen’s Park Savannah, starting near Queen’s Royal College at 3:45pm on Saturday 21st January, 2023.

The Ayana S. Dyette Foundation for Cervical Cancer (ASDF) was formed in memory of former National Volleyball player Ms Ayana Sasha Dyette. She was just 32 years when she succumbed to Cervical Cancer on July 1, 2018. Their family established this foundation to honor one of Ayana’s last wishes "to share her story", which can save the lives of other women.

ASDF's main objective is to save lives by education, prevention and eradication of Cervical Cancer. The foundation plans to accomplish this by engaging in activities which offer free / subsidized pap smears, free / subsidized HPV vaccinations; seminars; school tours, and more.

We strive to enrich lives everywhere, with products and services that bring health, happiness, and fulfilment.
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