Bryden Pi Partners With CVRS/Trinidad Eye Hospital To Present CME Lecture

March 20, 2023

On Thursday 23rd February, Bpi sponsored a CME lecture in partnership with CVRS/Trinidad Eye Hospital at the Training Room, Macoya.
There were 18 attendees in-person, and 10 on-line participants. The meeting was supported by 3 Bpi staff representing both Alcon Vision care and Surgical franchises and product presentations were made by both teams.
There were 3 UK guest speakers who covered the following topics:
Dr. Sid Goel = Refractive Surgery
Dr. Sachin Salvi = Ocular Oncology
Dr. Nandan Haldipur = Modern Surgical Education in the post Covid world
The meeting was a definite success and went on for 2 hours longer than planned, but no one complained. We are able to network with both local and regional ophthalmologists, as Dr. D. Shah (St. Lucia) was in attendance. We are also fortunate to have in audience prominent local ophthalmic surgeons Dr. S. Ramdeen and Dr. R. Bhola. Catering was provided by Superb Caterers Ltd.
Bryden pi Limited wishes to extend a hearty thank you to all involved in making this event a success!

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