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Carestream Health is passionately committed to doing all the right things to help our customers be successful. We provide high value technology, solutions and services through engaged employees who drive continuous innovation and operational excellence. The work we do matters. In medical imaging, we are relentless in our pursuit of providing superb image quality that can help enrich patient care. Medical providers throughout the world rely on our medical imaging solutions to help them make informed diagnoses. Our broad portfolio of imaging products and solutions offers facilities of all sizes – from clinics and single hospitals to large healthcare networks – a choice of features and options so they can choose the solution that best ts their workow and their budget today, with the capability to expand in the future as their needs change. We also offer general X-ray solutions for the veterinary market. Additionally, we serve industrial markets around the world with our non-destructive testing (NDT) products. Our NDT customer-focused development teams continually work to make sure our NDT products can perform high-quality radiographic testing anywhere in the world. This testing helps to help create a safer life for people through the inspection of critical components in aerospace, transportation, oil and gas, mining and energy industries. We also partner with progressive companies to
commercialize customer-focused products by applying our precision roll-to-roll coating processes and large-scale manufacturing facilities for market opportunities that include energy, storage, electronics, displays, automotive components and much more.

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